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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection in Tampa FL

Enjoy a significant reduction in your home insurance costs when you have our home inspectors perform a wind mitigation inspection of your home. If your home was constructed or had a re-roofing after 2003, Beryl’s home inspectors can assess your property, document how it conforms to the changes in the Florida Building Code, and provide certification that entitles you to a premium reduction under Florida State Law.

Money-Saving Wind Mitigation Inspections In Tampa FL

Avoid inflated insurance rates and deductibles when you have one of our home inspectors perform a wind mitigation inspection of your home. Wind damage coverage can represent as much as 70% of your total premium, but Florida law requires your insurer to offer discounts and credits for existing features and new improvements that reduce your risk for wind damage.

When you have one of our professionals provide your certified home wind inspection, you will meet the state requirement that entitles you to a reduction in your insurance rates. In addition, many insurers have windstorm deductibles as high as $20,000, meaning mild to moderate damage may not be covered.

Our qualified wind mitigation inspectors will also confirm you have the proper wind mitigation features to avoid these damages or reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Comprehensive Windstorm Inspection Reporting

During our complete windstorm insurance inspection, we report on the key features that may decrease the amount of damage your home suffers during a hurricane or strong windstorm. While it does not factor the elevation of your property and its relation to wind speed, our wind mitigation inspection report offers a full analysis of your home’s features spanning several categories, including:

  • Age of Roof Covering – Beryl’s Home Inspectors will want to know when your roof was installed in order to determine whether it meets existing building codes.
  • Roof Construction Methods – In addition to the shape of your roof, Beryl’s Home Inspectors inspect the type of roof decking used, whether it is nailed or stapled to the existing structure, and the spacing of fasteners.
  • Door and Window Opening Protection – Beryl’s Home Inspectors inspect devices, such as shutters, which are installed to protect your doors and windows from wind-borne debris. Beryl checks the rating of these protective measures, as 100% of openings must be covered with hurricane-rated products.
  • Shape – Beryl’s Home Inspectors pay close attention to the shape of your roof. For example, a hip or pyramid-shaped roof qualifies for a discount.
  • Year of Construction – As with the age, the year your home was constructed serves as an indicator of its wind resistance. If your home was constructed or re-roofed post-2003, you have a greater possibility of a discount.
  • Exterior Construction Type – Beryl’s Home Inspectors review materials used for framing, reinforcement, and outer fascia, and the percentage of each. As an example, a steel-reinforced concrete home may yield a larger discount than a plywood frame with siding.

Ensure your home’s hurricane preparedness and lower your insurance bill. Contact Beryl’s Home Inspectors today for a wind mitigation inspection in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Brandon, or Plant City, FL.

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John Foster, MBA
John Foster, MBA
Competent, methodical and clear in his assessment
Mary K
Mary K
OMGOSH! The BEST customer service EVER! From my first phone call, to getting my report, everyone was nothing but friendly and helpful. I want to especially thank Kimberly and Scott. Kimberly was so helpful when answering the phone, answering questions, and guiding me through the process. Scott was also friendly and informative, and did a thorough job on inspection. Kudos to this company for treating customers like they matter!
Nick Saunders
Nick Saunders
John did a really thorough inspection on a home we recently closed on. He did a fantastic job walking us through the house during the inspection going into detail on his findings. I would definitely recommend him and Beryl Engineering.
Danielle Carvajal
Danielle Carvajal
As a home buyer in such a competitive market I felt confident that I had a very thorough inspection done. My inspector found several issues with the house that I would have had no idea about. My report was done in a timely manor it was clear and easy to read. It came with pictures of items that needed repaired and I was able to go back to the contractor with exactly what needed to be fixed. I would give 20 stars if I could
Robin Harris
Robin Harris
I needed a roof inspection to clear an open permit from 2005. Beryl promptly provided the service and report I needed for the City of St Pete. Great communication during a very stressful time!
Torn Wordo
Torn Wordo
Needed help clearing an open permit and they provided inspection services and a letter to help close the permit. All done within days of me calling. Recommend!
Hilary Grulke
Hilary Grulke
James Holland inspected the new roof that was replaced as part of the inspection on our recently purchased home. He was on time and thorough in his inspection. I recommend Beryl Project Engineering. They communicated well and we are overall pleased with the company.